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Drossel’s Day Out

Posted in Figma, Figure Photography, Outdoor Shoots by PaperShot on August 17, 2009

Drossel @ Rooftop 03

Met up with a couple of buddies for a swim, brought Drossel along! Decided to be a bit mischievous and decided to venture around the buildings which were in progress.

Drossel thinks it is not a good idea, yet she is already posing for the camera!

Drossel @ Rooftop 06

Drossel is enjoying the breeze. I felt a couple of sudden gusts of wind ^^. Felt really wonderful and we were quite high up, pretty much around or higher than the surrounding buildings.

Me friends went around monkeying the area as usual.

Drossel @ Rooftop 05

Drossel acquired invisibility upgrade?!

Drossel @ Rooftop 02

And shiny armour upgrade?!

Do you notice the resemblance in the first picture and the last one?

Went back to my friend’s house for a bit of dinner since I did not eat since morning. Famished! I’ve been to his house plenty, I treat it almost like my 2nd home already. @_@

Drossel sewing 01

Drossel doing a bit of sewing while I chomped down my McChicken.

Drossel w/ Sissors 08

Drossel’s new weapon? Friend wanted to do this so badly. Had difficulties balancing the part-sissors, Drossel toppled quite a number of times. @_@.

Drossel holding iTouch 01

Drossel wanted to show me a picture of her in her iTouch. But the screen faded before I managed capture the image.. Battery was pretty low so I did not retake.

iTouch killed Drossel

Drossel: Help!

And just as I expected, after the last photo, the battery died. ^^;


Couple o extra photos.


I have to say, this is the nicest landscape photo that I have managed to take. It looks like evening, doesn’t it?! Try guessing the time!

Rooftop (AURA?!)

This happened when we made a run for it when my friend spotted a police car coming out of the building’s car park. Haha!

Did a bit of washing for Drossel, but do not have pictures due to camera charging.


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