You caught my eye.

Uwah?! Whose legs/hand are those?!

Posted in Figma, Figure Photography, Indoor Shoots, Nendoroid by PaperShot on August 16, 2009

Who's legs are those?!

Whose hand is that?!

Gotten hold of Drossel around a week ago ^^;

Cycled to Idrisu’s place in the hot weather to study for our prelims.
This is the map which I followed.

Pretty sweaty by the time I reached there.. Took a bath and rested for a bit.
When we started..

-Pat pat- 02

Drossel calming down excited Kagamiku – What is she excited about?
Oh and I realised Drossel and Kagamiku have matching eye to hair colour!

Kagami & Ferrari

Kagamiku likes the colour red on cars.

Kagami & Ferrari 02

Unfortunately.. She thinks she is unable to fit into it ^^;

Ojou-sama & Work 02

*Study study* – Kagamiku’s face is being blocked!

Kagami looking @ Ojou-sama

Kagamiku admiring Drossel’s shiny armour instead of studying! She has shiny armour fetish?!

Ojou-sama & Rubix cube 02

Ojou-sama & Weird drink

Drossel got distracted by various items! D:

Ojou-sama using the GPS 02

“My comrade! Tell me where we are!”


Hmm.. Pretty messy picture sizes. Will have to find some medicine for it.
Edit: Found fix! Will use it from next post onwards.


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